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Border Security Is A Matter Of National Security

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Posted on February 11, 2019 by

Trump says that closing the border is a matter of national security and I agree. I worked in a jail setting for years. It was a revolving door of illegals who committed crimes, some due to mental illness.

America is a wonderful country full of opportunities for many of us, but we cannot save the world, (though some on the left would have you think that it is America’s responsibility to do so).

In my opinion, it is not. We should take care of our own first. What about the homeless, many who are mentally ill, who were born here? Or the veterans, many of them depressed due to not being able to find a job and perhaps have no place to live, people who have been on the front lines keeping our country safe? What about the children living in cars? What about our people?

I know it seems sad, but we must use some common sense here. We are Americans and this is our country. Mexico is not part of it.

What would Mexico do to an American who crossed the border and committed a crime? Do you think we would be treated fairly in a third world county? It is more likely they would put us in jail and throw the key away.

Are we expected to take care of their criminals, their mentally ill, their pregnant women?

How much to you pay for your medical insurance? More than you can afford I would bet. And why are the premiums so high (especially in California)? Because we are taking care of people who don’t belong here. When I worked at the jail, many illegals had multiple medical problems, some of them mental. Illegal immigration is making this state nearly impossible to live in. I for one do not think the current system is fair.

I am angry and I hope you are too.

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