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Can You Please Stop All The Lying?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Imagine my surprise to hear that Jeffrey Epstein was killed in prison, even though he allegedly was on suicide watch. Now I worked in a jail for years, and it would have been very difficult for someone to kill themselves while on suicide watch. Doesn’t this sound like a conspiracy to you? Or perhaps let’s call it what I was an assassination. First they release a group of democrats and liberals, well they are one in the same, and then he turns up dead when he could have taken down the whole democratic party.

It has become obvious to most people of intelligence, i.e. right wingers, that the federal government has been infiltrated by traitors who would take away our freedoms.

The mass shootings seem staged, manipulated by the left fanatics in an attempt to disarm the public so a liberal government can claim power and rule indefinitely without challenge. Open your eyes it is 1984.

All that is happening with the illegal aliens, open borders, gender confusion, anti-gun liberal bull-shit is to divide the people so that they can take control.

They must be stopped or we as Americans will lose all that we have fought for over the years.

If the Democrats get the election in 2020 we can kiss our economic security goodbye and many of our God given rights as an American.

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