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About Me

Virginia Frusteri Sollars was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and became a registered nurse in 1980, working as a psychiatric nurse for most of her career. She worked in the jail system for twenty-five years, caring for and treating the mentally ill. She continues to advocate for the mentally ill through her presentations and radio shows, raising awareness about their plight. Her first book, And Some Will Triumph, published in 2016, based on actual events, explores the troubling world of the mentally ill as they navigate the broken jail system. Her newest, book, What Lies Behind Closed Curtains, sheds light on the epidemic of domestic abuse in the U.S. and possible ways to help those who suffer in silence.  

Virginia remains active in weightlifting, hiking and biking. She has one daughter and three grandchildren that live close by. She is a great lover of animals and has rescued many, taking in abused animals giving them a second chance. She is now working on her next book which will include conditions in the animal shelters at which she has worked.

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