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Virginia Sollars uses her riveting and sometimes shocking stories of fact-based fiction to reveal the stark truths that lie behind the curtain of today’s current issues- the fundamental facts often obscured by our headline culture. Her gift for emotionally raw storytelling takes readers backstage, where they will experience, in vivid 3-D the challenges her semi-fictional characters must face. She brings the truth into the light, and lays bare the stunning reality behind these stories in ways that mere headlines could never achieve.

As a psychiatric nurse, she journeyed inside the minds of the mentally ill. She not only allows her readers to participate in the day to day struggles that ensue behind the heavy steel doors of the correctional facility, but takes her readers into the thoughts, fears and secrets of the psychiatric inmates. Virginia explains the reasons why the criminal justice system has become the dumping ground for the mentally ill and why there are so few beds available to them on the outside, a matter of great concern in the United States.

Her latest book, What Lies Behind Closed Curtains, lays open the terrible world of domestic abuse and peeks into the minds of its victims. It reveals the struggles of living with the nightmare of physical, sexual and emotional behavior on a daily basis, and the lifelong consequences. It also offers a glimmer of hope, and shows that there are people out there who are willing to take on the challenging task of caring for those who suffer and throws open the curtain to let in the light.

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Every time I see footprints in the sand, I wonder about the people who made them. All the stories I may never hear. Instead, I would love for you to follow me, through my books. In What Lies Behind Closed Curtains, you will meet Justine, a disgruntled psychiatric nurse who leaves her job and becomes a driver. She encounters many interesting characters, most who have problems of their own. Though she leaves her job in psychiatry, she finds herself using her skills constantly, especially when dealing with abused women.

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